Iv’ve read the manual a few times and i’m still a bit shakey on how assists are scored. Ive looked at the diagrams and such but i dont quite understand what the nine boxes are trying to depict. If someone could explain futher, it would be helpful and appreciated.

Here are two threads where this has been significantly discussed in detail.

Basically, to explain the diagrams, each X represents a robot having possession of the ball. The highlighted yellow boxes represent the ‘count’ of assists.

An assist is counted when one person/robot on your alliance POSSESS the ball. The next part is what actually counts the assist, each separate robot needs to cross the line or enter a different zone each time. There are a few different ways to make assists easier, but that is the definition of my understanding

The use of the word “assist” can is a little confusing, but it’s pretty simple. What they are tracking is which robots have possession in which zones. That is what the grid is showing. An assist is defined as A robot possessing a ball in a zone. Where it gets complicated, is that , per cycle, a robot’s possession in a zone can only count for an assist once.