Assosciating songs with matches?

Do you associate certain songs with matches from your FIRST career?

I just realized it today, but every time I hear “Eye of the Tiger” all I can think of is the quarterfinal match at BAE in 2005 when we held 1153, 133 and 1519, to the two tetras they dropped in autonomous and lost becuase of a 30 point penalty. Unfortunately I’ve also come to assosciate Vanilla Ice’s Song “Ice, Ice Baby” with the best match we ever had :o. 92-85 against 118 and 494.

I can’t remember specific matches, but a whole bunch of Queen songs (especially “Another One Bites the Dust”) remind me of Chesapeake because they always seemed to be playing when we had a match or immediately after.

There was a song that played during the Semi-Finals of UTC this year that I had never heard before, and actually didn’t even hear during the match because I was focused on driving. When I watched the videos afterwards, I found it rather catchy and it got stuck in my head.

Flash forward to Nationals: When they played the song, it reminded me of those videos of UTC.

Of course, I still don’t know what the song is…

-Mortal Kombat with winning SVR 2004
-Sirius by Alan Parsons with Mark Leon introducing anyone

and, of course, all the songs and their associated awards (My Hero for Woodie Flowers, etc.)

somehow whenever I hear Thunderstruck (AC/DC) I think of one of our matches… although i could be just because i used it in our promo video :ahh:

To me, nothing beats the FOX NFL theme song right before the finals or before QF1.1 of any regional. It still gets me pumped up today.

Numb/Encore - Licoln Park & Jay-Z always reminds me of the entire 2005 season. but if I had to choose any one match it reminded me of, it would be our practice match against 217 at FLR.


This is for everyone and anyone who was at Battlecry on Saturday in 2005:

Boom boom boom boom! I want you in my room…

By The Vengaboys

They played that song at least 10 times over the course of the day, prolly more like 20.

And Thunderstruck by AC-DC will always be associated with The Championship Event for as long as I’m in FIRST for semi-obvious reasons.