Assumptions about Teams

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I hadn’t planned on going there and I can already feel the counterclockwise swirl, but since you brought it up, to my knowledge 254 went to 2 regionals and the championships this year. They have 4 paid college interns to help with their robot. They have a full regulation field to practice on.

I think most teams would consider that pretty well heeled.

Please try to keep this thread on topic. If you want to discuss the way 254, or any other team operates, please start a thread in the team organization forum.

The purpose of this thread is to discuss what kind of rules currently apply to or should be made regarding collaborative teams using each others’ machines as spare parts.



Normally I don’t give any attention to remarks like these, but I couldn’t let this one pass.

I’m tired of listening to people bash Team 254. Yes their interns are paid, but let’s get something straight, EJ and company are not about to move to the Bahamas with their earnings. Also, the key word is internship. I don’t think NASA or Team 254 needs to apologize for helping further the professional development of these four college students.

Team 254’s shop lacks the machinery that is commonly found in most Canadian High Schools. They’ve been able to strategically collaborate on resources over the past 3 years, to make up for any short comings.

Perhaps if certain people focused more of their attention on their own resources, and less on those of the Poofs, they’d be able to compete on the level as this model FIRST team.

There are only three NASA interns working with The Cheesy Poofs (EJ, Cory, and myself). We make barely enough money to cover the gas we use to get to and from NASA along with an odd meal here and there. If you want an actual dollar amount you’ll have to ask us in private. Not to mention the fact that our three college students aren’t being reimbursed just to mentor Team 254, but Team 1868 as well. Our field isn’t regulation; we ghetto-rig the obstacles every year like everyone else, and the field is of the 24’ x 48’ variety. You’re either guessing at how you think our team must be run, or are intentionally spreading misinformation. Please stop.

Well, I’m not sure what the purpose of this thread is since I seem to have been moved here. And I was responding to something Dave Lavery said so I guess the topic shifted a little higher up the origninal thread.

I declare that this thread can no longer serve any useful purpose, and suggest it be closed. Especially since the state of 254’s finances can’t have a thing to do with FIRST’s rules or my strategies. Unless they happen to have enough money to bribe me with Shipley’s or something.

Agreed – Team 254’s business is Team 254’s business. Give em a call if you’d like to discuss it. If you’re on 254 and want to reopen this, send me a PM.