Astronomically High Scores at Silicon Valley

Maybe there’s already a thread on this, but I didn’t see one. I don’t know how many people have been monitoring the Silicon Valley regional, but the scores are insane right now! Last I checked, the Cheesy Poofs had a qualification average of 204! Thoughts?

254 looks like they’ve improved a lot. I’d say they’ve made it to 1114’s level.

They did coop themselves, grabbed that extra RC themselves in teleop, and still had time to make 4 six stacks.
After their coop, they made a stack from the landfill and grabbed an RC (they added some hooks).
The other 3 were done from the human player station. They now have a tethered ramp (kind of visible in the image).
12-13 seconds for a six stack in the landfill. In the human player zone, they can stack 6 totes in about 8 seconds
Had some smooth RC handling / noodling too.

Anyone have match footage?

254 has found another gear for sure.

I think just as impressive though, if not moreso is the scores at the Pacific Northwest District Championship.

A 100 point average through 9 matches in the PNW Championship is only good for 51st place out of 64.

It’s worth pointing out that a 100 QAS is good for 9th right now at SVR out of 57 teams after 7 matches.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that you’ll need a 200+ average at champs to be picking on your division.

That makes me wonder if there were only 4 divisions if Einstein would see perfect matches. Probably more likely at IRI.

Indiana State Championships are turning out to be SUPER impressive. The top two seeds currently hold 4th and 5th highest averages worldwide for week 6, with 234 Cyber Blue at 165.6 and 135 Penn Robotics at 163.2. Also, the top 28 of 31 teams hold averages over 100, with the lowest seed at about 96.

Considering the Indy district in week one had 75 average for #1 seed, and Kokomo and Purdue had about 110 and 130 average for #1 seed. EVERY team has improved since their district events, with at least 10 teams able to produce a 6 stack topped or better. Today I am proud to be able to say I am on an Indiana FIRST team!

I think it is fitting that 254’s alliance put up 254 points in Qual 53 at SVR.

I was also pretty impressed with how great everyone is doing, i think we (not 4982 in particular but all the teams at the event) had a couple matches over 200 in the first round of qualifications today and many that got close (high 190s)

some matches

I am uploading the match videos of 254 from today to my youtube channel. The videos are 4k and they should be done uploading in a couple of hours.

I thought 1114 had the fastest tote pickup, and then RoboStang 548. Looks like 254 gets thrown in the mix.
With Week 6 showing off some high scores at various regionals, looks like Champs is going to much much better than I thought…by a mile.

I can’t wait to see what MSC will be like!

Thanks for the videos. What an awesome machine!

It’s unfair to 254 to say that the scores are also high at PNW.

The scores aren’t even as high as 254 at PNW. Furthermore, they’re higher than previous weeks because it’s a DCMP with selection going into the event (you see the same thing in Indianna right now).

254 is doing a 20 point auto, and often 4 stacks. That’s more than entire alliances at PNW (evidenced by 254’s solo score, not their QA, is higher than the QA of any team at PNW). Their partners are helping some, but really 254 is solely responsible for their insane QA.

They’re just really darn good, nothing else to it.

man… Einstein will be the most exciting part of the entire season, but I think it will largely be won in the first 1s of the match, and that’s going to make the rest of the match kind of anti-climactic to watch.

EDIT: man. my home internet connection at 30Mbps still can’t touch streaming a 4K video… not that I have a 4K screen to display it on.

Yeah, 254 is just on a different level today.

A new top combined score of 464 at Silicon Valley Qualification 88. 60 pts higher in total than the next top combined score.

Red - 220pts- 971, 846, 1678
Blue- 244pts- 5677, 254, 3256](

Too bad they didn’t get a extra 20 points for a 6 stack CO OP. Good job!

Love that stacking from the landfill, turn around can steal, as it heads off to place the stack, then back for the same stolen can to build another stack from the ramp. That is cheescaked to the absolute max now 254! Added the best elements of original 254, 1114 w/ the tethered ramp, and many others all into 1 supremely cheesecaked super performer. That 200+ QPA was earned. As will the usual CheesyPoofs position be at the top of the heap.

Things are definitely “Heating Up” across the board in Week #6! Can’t wait for those Championships to begin.

Not on the topic of high scores, but the match reset time seems tons better than it was last year at SVR. I’m pleasantly surprised, especially given how much more complicated the reset is this year compared to last year.