At Competition, can robot run from PC

Our team has been having problems lately with not being able to deploy code to the robot. We are working to correct the issue, but I was wondering…

I beleive it is allowed to have a laptop connected during the competition, you can’t use it for the camera because of the bandwith, but would you be able to run the robot code through the laptop for the competition, which would eliminate the need for deploying to the robot. The robots will be powered and connected (and disabled) prior to the match, so once the robot is up, the run button could be pressed and the code downloaded to the cRio.

Just an option if there are issues with the deploy. I know from the ni boards that there has been an issue with the Signal Processing vi’s and deploying.

No, you will not be able to “run” the robot code in a competition match using an attached computer. You must deploy it to run at startup.

if its LabVIEW, here’s the procedure for getting code to stay:

on the project explorer window, go down to build specifications. Presuming you’re using either FRC framework, an item called “FRC Basic Robot Deployment” should be there. Right click and choose build, and wait for completion, ignoring any errors. Then choose run as startup. It will download, then ask for reset. Agree, and you’re golden.

It’s fine to ignore the expected warning about name conflicts, but you should pay attention to actual errors.