At-Home Engineering Challenge #4

Week 4 already? Yikes. Well, here’s helping you not run out of activities.
After this week, we will have 1 more competition (participation here and at work has dwindled).
Remember, the person with the most points at the end will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Challenge 4 - Paper Tower
Using no more than 20 sheets of 8.5" x 11" copy paper
And no more than 20 of the following fasteners: staples, paper clips, binder clips
And string, twine, or 550 cord of a reasonable amount

Construct the tallest tower that holds a (full) 12 oz can (soda or similar - should weigh at least 385 grams).

-Height is the vertical span from the surface the tower rests on to the top of the soda can
-The top of the soda can must be the highest point of the tower (no suspending the can).
-Tower must be free standing, and may not lean against anything (e.g. walls) for additional support.

-Competition runs through 5pm Eastern on Sunday.
-Please respond to this post with your solution, include a picture of your build (with measuring tape or ruler verifying measurement)
-Only one entry per person, 1st submission will be used. No post edits or deletions.
-All decisions final, don’t like my rules, run your own competition.


2 points for participating in this challenge
2 points for additional pictures of your deconstructed tower, making easy to verify you followed the rules
3 points for constructing a tower taller than 18 inches tall
3 points for constructing a tower only out of paper and taller than 15 inches tall

5 points for constructing the tallest tower
3 points for constructing the 2nd tallest tower
2 point for submitting before Friday.

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Sam_J4409 - 14
JKBear331 - 13
ChopinWood - 12
Jacob_Banooni - 5
Ari_2412 - 4
Karaoke - 9
Nadeem - 8
jago21 - 4
JimboFee - 2
UnofficialForth - 2
Lipstick - 2
PaytonB - 2
Brittan - 1


Example materials:

More on the definition of “reasonable amount” of string… if you tower looks like it’s more string than paper, it probably isn’t a reasonable amount of string. :wink:

20 each or 20 total?


can each of the 8.5"x11" paper be broken/cutted up/divide into multiple sheets? i.e. 1 full size into 4 sub pieces or more?


Does before Friday mean by 11:59pm Thursday? Or by the end of Friday?

Friday would be too late.

For my submission, I decided to go with no fasteners
All rolls were 2 layers of paper
19 sheets used
0 fasteners

44 inches tall.

I layerd 2 sheets together, folded the edges for rigidity, and made folds on the end to complete the rolls

In between each roll was a single sheet of paper folded for extra strength.
Sorry about the bad picture quality, cracked the camera glass on my phone and haven’t replaced it yet.
11:59pm :wink: Thursday


If I were judging this i would give you extra points for using the best soda


Lol, I don’t drink any soda, that was just the only can I could find in the entire house :sweat_smile:


I was just going to say this, but I think that it would’ve been DANKER if he had used Baja Blast


Can we not summer cd in my engineering challenge topics? engineering challenge is serious business, $50 amazon gift card on the line


It’s called pop mister


20 sheets of paper
20 fasteners
Only 1 casualty of soda during testing. It will be remembered in the root beer float I am having as I write this.

Anyways. here are the pictures

How the triangles are made


how the flat triangle in the middle are made



how the flat at the top was made



how the cylender at the top was made


Uploading: DSC_5339.JPG… Uploading: DSC_5338.JPG… ![DSC_5336|690x461]
(upload://hTdZFGUZCPCWFvmediX5yV1m4Mw.jpeg) ![DSC_5335|690x461]

decomp from the top down

for the triangles rinse and repete four times until and then you are at the bottom


(upload://eZTKuNZFCPYWDgRMN47aJjTmo8e.jpeg) Uploading: DSC_5329.JPG… Uploading: DSC_5328.JPG…
If you have any questions feel free to ping me(I think that there should be a whole photo of the thing in there somewhere)

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Some of the uploads didn’t come through for me. Try again?
edit - particularly the one with the measurement :wink:

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Or this

sorry guess my computer dosen’t like a lot of photos at once. here you go

47 inches to 44?

JKBear 331 - 2 + 2 + 3 + 0 + 5 + 0 + 0 = 12
Sam_J4409 - 2 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 0 + 3 + 2 = 15