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So I went into the At Home Award Submissions Portal today and we as a team are very confused. We are submitting an entry for the Quality Award and for the Autonomous Award. However the submissions portal does NOT have individual submission entries for these two separate awards so the question is how to submit each in the portal?

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I could be wrong

I do not think there is a separate way of submitting for each of those awards, but that you use the “FRC-Team7056-IRH” as the submission file. This is one of the things listed in the IRH file.

Its all highly confusing, but as far as I can tell you only submit the three Pictures (which oddly can contain multiple pictures), one page robot summary and the autonomous video for the At Home Challenge (section 2.2 of at-home manual)

Then during your 12 minute slot for a judging interview (2.3.4), you could emphasize the conversation towards why your team deserves particular awards. But its up to the judges to decide which awards you are a candidate for and vote appropriately.


And to emphasize this further, this is very similar to what happens at events.

  • The judges come by your pit and have a conversation with students about the robot, look at things, and hear how your season went. This is replaced by the 12 minute interview and submitting pictures of your robot.
  • They’ll watch how your team performs on the field, which is replaced this year by the optional video of your Autonomous.
  • To make up some of the information gap, you can also share videos of your robot in the presentation and include the optional one-page flyer with more information about your team/robot.
  • Once you’ve talked to the judges at the event and they’ve gathered their information, they take that back to the judges room where they discuss who stood out when put against the criteria for each award and then determine who is the winner of each (potentially coming back out to talk to teams more if needed). This part remains unchanged other than not being able to come back and ask followup questions.

If you believe you’re a good candidate for the Autonomous and Quality awards, make sure that during your interview you stress the ways in which you hit the award guidelines for each award. To paraphrase the requirements, if the focus of your conversation with the judges is on how you designed the robot to be robust and also easy to repair when needed (Quality award) and how your robot intelligently operates and makes decisions without human input (Autonomous Award, so long as you also submit the required video) then that is how you “submit” for those specific awards even though there aren’t dedicated submission portals.


There is no way to submit for specific awards except for the Automomous Award. But you will only be elgible for that award if you submit a video.

Think of the interview that is happening in the next month as the judges coming to your pit at a standard competition. And the one-pager as something to give to the judges to remember you by.

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