At The Control | FRC Webcast Dashboard

We’re excited to announce the fourth season of At The Control!

At The Control (ATC) is a web based program that allows any person to get live, up-to-date information on any team from any competition. ATC is a simple and user-friendly dashboard, perfect for your parents, grandparents or even sponsors to watch your team compete this season.

Just send them over to, enter your team number, create a chat name (chat is team specific) and click start dashboard. It’s that simple! And all your team information will appear on the dashboard, eliminating the need to have multiple tabs open with match results, rankings and the live stream.

For more information about At The Control Click Here.

You can also create an account and follow more than one team!

At The Control is also in both app stores:

Good luck teams!

Team 537,
Nick Block

The android app will be really helpful for the events I’m going to be missing this season