At The Control - webcast dashboard.

Hey everyone,

So last year I launched a site called At The Control which allowed our team followers to get up to date data on our team, at the regionals we attended.  The site was an instant hit with our parents! It featured match result, current rank, qualifying score, chat and even a prediction center; delivered in a clean and appealing way. At The Control eliminated the time and frustration for our parents to find our rank, match results and live stream.

Over summer break, I had the idea to launch the site for public use. Our web CDT (Component Design Team) has been working on making this possible over the last six months. As of Jan 26th, 2013 the site was finished. I know its early to be talking about webcasts, but we are trying to spread the word about the site. We will be covering every regional and championships.

Please, inform your parents, team followers sponsors ect. At The Control is a great tool!