At The Rack What Was...?

At J&J Mid Atlantic regional what was the coolest hand out that you got? My team handed out 1,100 Black bags with our names on them in silver writing, 280 buttons, and 120 score cards with our robots information on it! I didn’t get to see a lot of everyones hand outs because I was a driver and I was bussy every secound of the day, and night!!!

We passed out Cyrel which is pretty cool. Leave a piece of that in your locker for an hour and anything in it will smell like Cyrel forever.

Orange tick tacks

Somehow, I opened my laptop case, and found a handful of MOE mints.

This is odd for two reasons.

A) MOE was not at J&J as a team (just a few members, I think)


B) My laptop case never left the stands, and wasn’t used by anyone.

Hmm. Kinda weird, but MOE mints are a pretty sweet handout.

(hehe, literally too!)