At what rate can the RoboRio send CAN commands to a Talon?

And is the limit due to the the RoboRio or the Talon?

My understanding is the current rate limit is the roboRIO’s ability to send CAN messages via frc netcom.

@ozrien might be able to shed some more light on the specifics.

The baud rate of the CAN bus is 1 megabit.

For information on how long it takes for CAN API calls, see our blog post on CAN performance here:


Most (but not all) of these are buffered in WPI C++/Java so they actually get called once every ~20 ms, regardless of how often you call getters.

Does this mean I can’t read CAN sensor (e.g. encoder) data any faster than 50Hz?

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You can change how often the talon reports status information using the setPeriodicStatus methods.

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Oh, I read “buffered” as “cached.” That makes much more sense.

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