Atari System

Who bought a Raffle ticket from an X-CATS(191)???
How much did you buy??
Who did you buy it from??

I wanted the Atari system and I was busy when I bought the tickets.

I was working on the robot when they came up to me and offered me it - they wouldn’t leave me alone until I bought one - so I did!

I didn’t get a chance to buy a ticket…Stupid scouting duty. :frowning:

On the poll I picked choice 4… But I didn’t buy it from her… I was too busy so I gave money to a friend to buy it for me… I don’t know who it was…

I was just kinda sitting in my pit doing nothing when they came around and i really wanted the atari, I used to have a full calecovision and 2 of each paddle but it burnd out. So when they people selling the tickets came around i purchased 3 (all the $$$ i had on me at the time).

What happens if you didn’t buy a ticket because you have one?

Who won that anyways??

The Team with the best color EVER!!
My fave color team won the PINK TEAM!!
See Its good luck to know me. He won becoz of me. I made him buy one and see what happens.