ATI Video card users alert

I just got a new computer, and it came with a strange white square exactly as described in that article in the top left corner of my Windows XP desktop.
(Picture of issue HERE)

It’s a simple(?) bug in the ATI graphics card drivers version 8.1.

Very strange, and my first though was that old school movie The Net where a small icon was a link to a large virus or something… lol
But that was me just being paranoid of course. :o

Juat a heads up to anyone who is using an ATI video card!

Upgrade to driver 8.2 at least!
(I’m about to do that when I get home tonight)

WTF!?!? How did that get passed any testing?

I have a simple cure for that. Switch to NVIDEA. The 9800 GX2 came out not to long ago and those things are wicked awesome!

I’m kinda limited as to what i can put in my machine now I think because of size constraints.

It’s a Shuttle XPC.
I’ve always wanted one, and the price was right.

Yay for ebay yet again! lol

Yay for Shuttle!!

I have a few of these babies. VERY nice, portable gaming machines.


haha, not within many people’s budgets. Thanks for the heads up Elgin. I guess I should go update my drivers =/ (although I don’t have the white box)

now now, lets not start an ATI vs NVIDEA thing…

im glad ATI released a fix to this issue quickly… if i actually owned one of those cards id be a bit freaked out.