Atlanta 2010: Where Will You Be?

It’s getting closer. As the weeks until Atlanta begin to wind down, teams are starting to prepare for it. So, this begs the question, what hotel is everyone staying at? I know for me, being able to talk and hang out with other teams was half the fun, and a lot of that was done at the hotel (shout out to 176, best end hallway party ever!)

So I’ll start. 1124 is at the Embassy Suites :slight_smile:

I think 116 is staying at the Holiday Inn, not exactly sure, unfortunately, it’s no OMNI D:

Team 11 will be at the Omni once again.

176 will again be at the Omni this year.

I’ll be at my house, driving down each day.


Team 2345 is staying at the hampton on 78.

Team 1086 Blue Cheese will be in the Westin this year! Hope to see you all there and Good Luck!

2415 will be at the Westin again! Looking forward to Championships already :slight_smile:

294 will be at the Westin.

for people who have stayed at the Omni and Marquis, which is actually more fun? I will most likely be going as a volunteer again this year, and im debating on where to stay

We stayed at the Omni in 2006 and were not big fans.

I’ve stayed at the Marquis 3 times now and much prefer it in every regard except distance.

Stayed at both and couldn’t really tell the difference. Omni’s internet is worse, Marquis costs money. Both have comfy beds. That’s all I really noticed other than walking distance, where the Omni wins.

Still figuring out arrangements myself, so I’ll let y’all know. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure where the Aussies will be staying but I’ve been told it’s a “modest hotel outside of Atlanta”


706 will be at the downtown residence inn.

In the pits … inspecting your robot! :cool:

816 will be at the Westin Peachtree again this year.

Working for Microsoft on XBox LIVE, and doing what I can to support FIRST in the Seattle Washington area!

Skunkworks will be in the OMNI this year!!
We hope to meet a bunch of new teams!!

see you there!!

At my house watching the webcast…
(unless bacon decides to let me go with them!!!)


Aren’t you guys based in Atlanta?