Atlanta Braves Baseball?

Anyone a base ball fan? The Braves are my second favorite team (behind the Dodgers), and I was always disappointed that nationals in Disney were after spring training, so the braves weren’t there anymore.

This year, however, the Braves have a home game at Turner field on Sunday at 1:05. As of right now, my team doesn’t have any plans for Sunday, and so if that doesn’t change, I plan to go.

From what I understand reading the braves website, there are busses that go from the 5 points MARTA station to Turner field. Looking at FIRST’s handy MARTA map, the 5 points MARTA station should be within walking distance of the hotels (and by the World of Coke thing).

If anyone is interested, please post here, or find me at the webhug, or team 1405 or 330’s pits.

If you don’t find Joe in either of the team pits that he mentioned, you’ll probably be able to find him by watching for EJ chasing someone at top speed through the pits. The person he’ll be chasing is Joe. :slight_smile:

I am offically jealous. Not only do you get to go to nats, but a braves game too?

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

We are going to the Friday game right after we are done at the dome.

Ditto. We’ll be sitting right behind home plate in like the 600 level.

We ordered tickets to Saturday nights game before we found out the team social is also Sat night. Ooops. Play ball babies!

we also got really lucky and got tickets to see The Producers at the Fox Theater Friday night. Kewl!


We saw the game Friday night. It was a close game, the Braves won 5-4. It was a surprisingly small crowd, but it was lively and a fun ballpark.

It was a $10 cab ride each way from the 5-points area to the ballpark.

Did you investigate the bus from the underground?

We just got back from the game. The bus is a good option, $1.75 each way. They pick you up at the 5 points and take you straight to the game. It was about a 10 minute walk from the Omni. On the way back, if you want you can get a free transfer to the subway and take that back right to the hotel. Make sure to buy 2 tokens for a round trip - they don’t sell them on the way back, apparently.

There are some tickets that cost only $1, but these must be purchased no earlier than 3 hours before the game. The least expensive tickets that can be pre-ordered are the $5 seats.

Thanks for the info. Our whole team has a week MARTA passes, so that is what we were planning to do.

Glad to meet you finally, after reading your posts forever.

We had the game on in our room Friday night and who do we happen to see but TJ Squared sitting in the stands. Those tie dye tshirts stick out everywhere.

hehehehe yes friday night was a great game… 5-4… Close close close… We were sitting right behind big A Jones and we kept calling Andruw until he finally looked over… Turner Field is such a great ballpark… It was a new experience for me because I have never been to another baseball game other than my Red Sox… If any of you know what its like being at Fenway (in the heart of the city), its a lot different at Turner Field where you are away from the city and there is a lot of room to move around… We kept getting cell calls saying we were on tv with the banners we made… If anyone saw us drawing all day thursday on the huge banners than thats what we were making…

I heard somewhere though that there were many other teams there friday… I believe us, 111?, 140, 1318 and a few others… Of coarse we were the most noticable with the tie-dye… hahha

The Game today was awesome as well. The braves won in 10 innings on an extremely close play at the plate. We ran into some people from 340 also.

Out of all the stadiums I’ve been to (Dodger Stadium, Anaheim, Camdem, and Turner) I think I like Turner the best. Also great was finally being able to do the Tomahawk chop in person after doing it to the TV for many years.

The only bad part was Chipper was injured when he ran into the wall (and he’s on my fantasy team).

we were there too (but without the team shirts). we definitely saw someone with tie-dye out behind left field. was that 111 or 88?

88 was left/center field!!! We had our bright tie-dye on and of coarse we were cheering and having fun!!! You guys should have come by to say hi… We had a blast!!!

Atlanta is a terrible sports town. Nothing like the passion that’s found in the Northeast. I wonder how long the Thrashers and Hawks will last with the minimal support they get?

I don’t know Ed… I loved Turner Field… It was such a great time there… I do agree though… My favorite sports are found in the Northeast…

Turner Feild is great but the Atllanta fans are apathetic. I went to a big Diamondbacks/ Braves games a couple of years ago ( I think Johnson was pitching) and there were plenty of seats. You certainly can’t do that in Boston.

Perhaps that is because Boston is 40% bigger then Atlanta, and yet Fenway Park is 33% smaller then Turner field. Over the past 10 years or so, Atlanta has averaged higher attendence then Boston, only dipping below them recently.

I also wouldn’t call the Braves fans apathetic, at least compared to every other game I’ve been to. They were certainly more alive then the Baltimore game I went to and every Dodgers game. The only game I’ve been to where the fans were more alive was when the Angels were in the pennant race 2 years ago.

Certainly, I’ve never been to a Red Sox or Yankees game, but I wouldn’t really call the Braves fans apathetic. Probably in the grand scheme of things, they are somewhere in the middle.