Atlanta Concerns...?

I just thought i might put up a thread thats open for all concerns people may have about Championships from what has been happening at the Regionals this season.

My concern - Radios! for both regionals we have attended, our losses were, in part, attributed to field radio failure, whether it be on our connection or one of our alliance partners. These of course werent the only reasons and I’m not trying to whine over losses. We try not to dwell over the past, but mistakes should not have to be carried over to the “Main Event”, and i hope that the radio signals can somehow be enhanced / improved, or the IFI personel can be treated with more clout (I heard from some people that the IFI personel’s call on a field radio malfunction was dismissed by the referees, and a re-run of the match was not permitted). Sorry for yet again beating the dead horse on this, but its my frustration…

Anyone else have things they want to be brought forth?

FYI, we saw no radio issues at NJ or Buckeye.

Not sure if this is really a concern, or maybe just a conudrum: 1676 developed and deployed a web-based scouting data system that was made available to all teams via WiFi. (That’s what the **Johnson & Johnson **Sportsmanship Award was for in NJ) We want to do the same in Atlanta, but can’t figure out how to link the stadium Hotspot to the Pits.

No, there is no Internet access - strictly BYOS*

I wonder if we can get permission to pull 2500 feet of CAT5 through the tunnel…


*Bring Your Own Server

I’m not trying to scare anyone, but those planning on staying at the Omni might want to call and make sure that there are no problems because of this incident…