Atlanta May Be Building A New Stadium

From Dec 10th Atlanta newspaper. Non-binding terms approved for new Falcons stadium deal The proposed retractable roof stadium’s two locations are not where the current stadium is located so if the Championship event ever returns to Atlanta after 2017, the pits in the GWCC might be further away :frowning: Even though the Georgia Dome is only 20 years old it will likely will be demolished. :frowning:


I don’t know of how many events that generally use both the dome and the WCC, so perhaps that was not a prime concern in their opinion. But as far as the two locations are concerned, not sure where the “south” one is going to go, but it looks like the “north” one might be nice and close.

  • Sunny G.

Surely the main reason for building a new stadium is to make sure the FRC pits are closer to the dome floor. Right? :rolleyes:

This is Atlanta’s way of saying to FIRST, “Baby, I an change for you!”

More likely they just need a new facility to handle the water game.

One can wish, I remember that walk very well, lots of exercise that year. Forgetting something in the pits was probably the worst part.

Yep. The GWCC water game test a few years ago was less than fully successful.

Houston Texas, 2003 FIRST Championships - Games were played in Reliant Stadium and the pits were in the older Astrodome. Teams had to traverse up and down stadium ramps, was at least a 30 minute trip if you had a robot cart and your robot didn’t sit so high you took out light fixtures on the trip.

I figured some FIRSTers might be interested the proposals for the new Atlanta Falcons stadium.

A brief overview of some of the more “interesting” features can be found on Deadspin

The full 50mb pdf can be found here.

Reading through that information, the following comic comes to mind:

I’m extremely concerned about where the field will sit relative to the convention center. It was quite a trek as it was, and the further it moves away, the less of a chance that worlds comes back to Atlanta.

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During Championships a member from my team (4080) and all the other Georgia teams met with the GA mayor and a bunch of senators and ambassadors to talk about getting it moved back. There wasn’t as big of an interest as we had hoped. We’ll see what happens…

We need to start building FIRST competition arenas and leasing them in the off-season to the sports teams and conventions :wink:

It’s gonna be years before any new stadium comes to fruition.
They have to go through the usual tango of the team claiming poverty and that the city should foot most of the bill because it generates so much revenue for the community. The mayor will counter that the taxpayers are burdened enough by taxes and should not have to pay for something so frivolous when there are so many other needs to be addressed. The team will threaten to move (LA, San Antonio, Mexico City ect. ect.) ESPN will speculate speculate speculate. A compromise will be reached. Both sides will shake hands and go on as if they were planning to go along with the whole thing all along.
A decade later the stadium will be built.’
Meanwhile FIRST would have moved on and probably gone to Indianapolis, Detroit and Dallas and is considering going back to Atlanta in 2025.

The development contract has been approved. Final design approval is due April 2014. It is coming, but still several years away.

Cool to see that North American stadiums are finally starting to take influence from the more cutting edge (and more eco-friendly) designs in Europe and Australia.


I remember that well… :mad:

Audio carts were still legal then (I was a student on MOE at the time). I remember when a Blaupunkt-sponsored team came alongside with a cart with car batteries, some 6x9’s and a few 12" subwoofers to play the cha-cha slide. Large outdoor line dances ensued :cool:

Excellent analysis Ed, I believe you are absolutely correct. Are you sure you’re not Looking Forward? :confused:

Seen it happen far far too often in sports.

Hereis an update from June 18, 2013 to what [AllenGregoryIV] posted earlier. It’s going to be different that’s for sure.