Atlanta May Be Building A New Stadium

Seems to me that the northern site will not be really that much further away, just on the other side of the convention center.

The southern site will be a bit further away, but I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker. I would take that over St. Louis ANY DAY!

Am I missing something? It looks like the stadium is open roof and I don’t see the roof sections as able to close off the center opening (at least as rendered in the multiple photos/sketches). Not exactly ideal for our needs…

Well after a long build and competition season, some fresh air might be nice! :rolleyes:

It shows a movable roof when you look at the sketches and one of the rendered photos. It shows the roof closed off.

It opens and closes using an “iris” system, with many wedge sections sliding and spinning into place.

I did see what appears to be a closed off section in the one sketch but couldn’t see how the numerous roof sections could slide into place. Now with some rotation as you suggest I can see the possibility. Makes sense now :wink: