Atlanta needs a Segway rental facility!!!

I was talking to a friend of mine who was on my team a while back because I heard he had rented a Segway for about 4 days while at a conference in Baltimore this past weekend. ($300 dollar rental fee btw.)

I thought that was a good idea, and had the same idea for renting a Segway for the Championship event while I was in Atlanta.

To my shock, and dismay, the closest places to rent a Segway was 24 miles, 88 miles, and over 200 miles away in the (apparently larger than I originally thought) state of GA.

I’m calling for either Segway or an independent dealer to set up shop even if just for the weekend of the Championship Event in Atlanta for renting Segways.

Atlanta has been on the forefront of Segway use since it’s introduction, and I think at least one rental place in a city that size would be great.

Hmm…Well if there is enough of a market I would be willing to talk to one of the Segway dealers in Alpharetta and see what he thinks about the idea.

I’d love to get my hands on a red i180 Segway to ride around at the Championships! Red key + Red i180 = Ultimate coolness. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a Segway with me in Atlanta in 2004 and it was extremely useful in getting to-from my hotel and riding around the GA Dome & WCC. I highly recommend it. One bad thing though, the security guards started enforcing No-Segway rules until Dean Kamen talked to them (or so I heard). So I hope parts of the WCC and GA Dome are still Segway friendly this year.

I wouldn’t take the security risk and ride one through the pits though; that gets too stuffy.

Who handles EMS at the Georga Dome? If they’re public, then I think I can free up some investment capital :wink: :eek: :wink:

Jeremy, if the Alpharetta guy is starting a list of who wants to rent, please put me on it.

See ya soon,


I’m broke. But I’ll watch yours when your not on it. :slight_smile:

Great idea… if I could afford to rent a segway, I could definitely see myself using this service… :rolleyes: