Atlanta Resource Quick-Find

I have created a two-page “cheat sheet” for the National in Atlanta.

It’s in the white-paper section at:

This was designed as a 2-sided 11"x17" copyable guide for rookie teams that have not been to Atlanta in the past. It has the MARTA map, close-up of the Georgia Dome area, and some “yellow page” listings for resources that team may need (e.g. Home Depot store).

It is here for your enjoyment. It is NOT officially validated by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, etc, nor do I endorse any particular places of business, but they come up as the “closest” ones on the mapping software. We will also have some hardcopies of this in our RollingThunder pit #1511. Stop by and say “Hi”…

Be sure to travel in groups if you do venture out, be sure to check-out/in with your mentors, call ahead to ensure the store is open, etc.

If there’s any other types of resources you think should be on this “cheat sheet” please let me know.

Awesome job Doug great idea for us rookies.

Thank you, our team may not be rookies but we are rookies to Atlanta! I’ll be sure to bring this along.