Atlanta Shopping Suggestions During Championship's

Here are some suggestions on places you might shop during your Atlanta trip this week. These are by no means the only places to go. Check the Atlanta Travel site for more help. Click on the provided links here to go to that site and others.

Lenox Square / Phipps Plaza can be reached via Marta rail line NE7. These are 2 excellent malls not too far away via rail.

Perimeter Mall - For those not staying in downtown there are several nice malls. This one is on Marta rail stop N9 on the perimeter (I-285) N of Atlanta.
Cumberland Mall - A nice mall on the perimeter (I-285) NW of Atlanta near Marietta. You will need your own transportation to easily get there.

Southlake Mall - South of the airport at I-75 exit 233. You will need your own transportation to easily get there.

Gwinnett Place Mall - A very nice huge mall on the NE side of Atlanta outside of the perimeter at I-85 exit 104. You will need your own transportation to easily get there.

Atlantic Station - The very new upscale area of downtown Atlanta where you can live, eat, shop, go to movies & work all in the same area by simply walking around once you get there. You can get to it via Marta rail stop N5, Arts Center. ESPN earlier this month, broadcast their “Final Four Basketball” shows from Atlantic Station. This area is the current “IN” area of Atlanta.

World of Coke - has temporarily closed while it relocates next to the Georgia Aquarium which is next to Centennial Olympic Park. It will not reopen until May.

Underground Atlanta - Some people have shopped here in the past. Unfortunately times seem to be changing there especially since the W O Coke, located very close by closed. For those that wish to still go to Underground, be aware that there is repair work being done on a bridge on Peachtree St. There is a fence erected around this area near the front of Underground. This gives the appearance that Underground is closed but it is not.

From the AJC newspaper: Most of downtown’s development action has followed the Georgia Aquarium to neighborhoods around Centennial Olympic Park. Underground suffers from a perception of being unsafe, in part because it and the area around it are gathering spots for young people who don’t have a lot to do. If people are not going to the World of Coca-Cola (now temp closed), we don’t send them to the Underground," said Janet Maycock, former chief concierge for the Westin Peachtree Atlanta who is now in convention services for the hotel. "We tell them, “If you are looking for shopping, Atlantic Station is the way to go.”

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I was just actually trying to find this info on google.

Atlanta is so very anti-Potsdam.

So, random question. Where’s the best place in Downtown Atlanta to get some authentic Georgia sweet tea?

:ahh: (Sorry Billfred) Ewww… Karthik, it’d be best for you to just stick with whatever you have in Canada. I’ll run now…

Who is going to go shopping, there is FIRST store at the event is there anything you need?

Hmmm, Karthik, I am not going to lie, the best sweet tea I have ever had here in Atlanta aside from this one random place at Emory is KFC.

The best place for sweet tea might be a bit of a hike:,+Atlanta,+Fulton,+Georgia+30313,+United+States&daddr=300+E+Columbia+Ave,+Batesburg-Leesville,+SC+29070&layer=&sll=33.692352,-82.924805&sspn=2.17547,3.735352&ie=UTF8&z=8&ll=33.696923,-82.924805&spn=2.175354,3.735352&om=1

(If you’re wondering, the address is for Shealy’s Bar-B-Que in Batesburg-Leesville, SC. Best barbecue I’ve ever had.)

More practically, Chick-Fil-A (particularly in Atlanta) tends to get sweet tea pretty close to the mark, enough that a twenty-one-year resident of The South can’t differentiate.

Chick-Fil-A has some good sweet tea

Allright, as the duly self-designated King of Sweet Tea I must answer this request - sweet tea was the life blood that I based my entire childhood on while growing up in Georgia. While the only way you can guarantee a hearty glass of delicious sweet iced tea would be for me to make you a pot of sweet tea myself, the best regional source around Atlanta to find authentic “Southern Sweet Tea” is the Cracker Barrel. I know what you’re saying, “I’ve been to Cracker Barrel, and it wasn’t that good” - but until you’ve been to a GEORGIA Cracker Barrel I must ask you to hold your tongue.

The Cracker Barrel that I’ve been to most recently and have had an absolute delicious glass of sweet tea each time is the one on I-20 and Thorton Rd, about 15-20 minutes outside of Atlanta.

Trust me, it’s well worth the drive.


Who has time to shop??? :confused:

How about a nice place for Sunday brunch within MARTA/walking distance?

Haha I was thinking the same thing!! What do we have to shop for too?? Haha. Everything we’ll need will be at the pits :stuck_out_tongue: Haha.

But if we had to go shopping, I will deffinately be refeering to this thread (and hope I don’t get lost… I tend to do that a lot haha)

Well just for the lovely Jessica here are some suggestions for Sunday brunch in Atlanta. It is a little difficult however to find some of the better brunches near Marta rail though.

I would use Google Maps to search for the addresses as they show the Blue & White M for Marta Rail station.

The Globe One of the best brunches in Atlanta however about a 5 block walk from Marta Rail station N4.
Park 75 Restaurant at Four Season Hotel - Near Marta rail stop N5 Arts Center.
Watershed- Marta rail stop E6 Decatur about 1/2 mile walk.
The Flying Biscuit Appears to be about 1/2 mile from Marta rail E4 - Edgewood Candler.

Some of the best brunches are in an area of NE Atlanta near the intersection of Highland & Virginia (far right on map) however there just is not a Marta rail stop very close.

I might also refer you to The Best of Atlanta 2006 for many different Atlanta favorites in addition to restaurants, from a local free newspaper, Creative Loafing.

10 Best Atlanta Brunches. You still need to use Google maps to check for a close Marta rail station.

It took me about an hour to come up with these so I hope you find one that is close to Marta.


I think Pittypat’s Porch is a good place for that. A bit pricy (slow-food restaurant), but it’ll do. From the Dome: Andrew Young International Boulevard through the park, up the hill. It’ll be on your left at some point on the hill; I think after you pass the Mariott Downtown, but am not totally sure. Look for large porchlight-looking lights over the door. (Note: the food there is good; I’ve never had sweet iced tea.)

Another suggestion for Brunch is Chequer’s Seafood Grill
It is pricey 19-25 but very nice and you would want to make a reservation

You can get there by Marta the restaurant is about 1/2 block from station N9 (Dunwoody)