Atlanta weather. Rain Wednesday & Nice overall Thursday-Saturday.

Looks like Wednesday may be the only day we may encounter some rain which is good news… :slight_smile:

Can’t wait.

That’s going to be a really nice break from the SNOW we just got here.

Seriously… It’s APRIL. What’s with the wacky weather?!

Oh yea! We got snow in NYC today, c’mon, what is going on?? :yikes:

Haha, we have a braves game scheduled for wednesday.

Still should be fun.

The Quad Cities will be getting “measureable snow” while we’re in Atlanta. A little rain in ATL is better than snow in the QC.

I blame El Nino :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll trade you snow for unnatural heat. I hope you all have wonderful weather in Atlanta, I’d take all the bad weather if it was possible. =D

Having lived in two extremes (Well, NYC might not be an extreme, but it’s close enough.) (I’ve lived in both NYC and Israel), I can honestly say I’d rather unbearable heat than cold. There’s just something about the cold that makes you want to taste it, but once you get a whiff, it’s just unbearable. The heat on the other hand, I can just lie in the sun all day :).

I wouldn’t bet on these weather forecasts, especially in Atlanta during this time of year. Last year it rained on Wednesday afternoon, and the next three days were beautiful. I heard the year before it was freezing on Saturday night. You never know, the Spring weather there is just so unpredictable. I hope that its chilly because its HOT in Florida now.

Just as general advice, have a light jacket handy, and maybe a small umbrella if you have a bag. Expect the worse and hope for the best!

OK, “Rack & Roll” FVC & FLL fans, last night (Friday), there were snow flurries in downtown Atlanta. :yikes:
However, temperatures will return to normal during the Championship’s with highs in the low 70’s and low’s in the low 50’s so bring a jacket. :cool:

I still remember not wearing jackets in January. And then our regional in Hartford this March was almost snowed out! It has been a wacky year.

Looks like good weather in Atlanta. I hope it doesn’t rain Saturday.

Yeah, looking out the window right now, I’m hoping that our flight will be able to take off Wednesday night. Everyone make a wish!

(Can’t wait to get out of this nutty-weathered state)

If the Championship was this weekend instead of next, Team 857 would have been in some serious travel trouble! We had a blizzard that lasted from Tuesday until Thursday evening, and we’re still under a Winter Storm Warning! We’ve received about 18 inches of snow since Tuesday, and we’re expecting at least 6 more in the next few days. We have more snow now than we did in December!!

Hopefully, the weather will be nice enough on Wednesday that our plane can take off – cross your fingers for us!! :slight_smile:

Colorado’s expecting snow on Wednesday, hopefully it doesn’t get so bad that the weather cancel flights. That would be dreadful.

I’ve been skiing in Vermont and Massachusetts the past two days, and the 12"+ of fresh powder is just amazing. (Yesterday in Vermont I was up to my waist skiing in powder in some places!) I’ve never before seen the East get this much powder snow this late in the season before. :ahh:

Next question what is the allergin report for next week:yikes: I just heard a story about how bad the pollen was this spring in Georgia and that is spawned a new art form. (Pollen art) Appearantly, residents started drawing pictures on their patio funiture and cars in the pollen dust and submitted them to the local media. Have recent rains cleared the air or is there still daily dusting:ahh:

Yes the rains have cleared almost all of the pollen from everything. Pollen counts at the end of March were over 5,000. :yikes: The counts this past week per Atlanta Allergy were 258-748 which are rated as extremely high but nothing like last month. Happy breathing. :wink:

Good luck! what would you team do if the flight was cancelled?:confused:

Looks like the weather forecast is changing… I hope they are wrong about the rain on Thursday and Saturday.

I agree I rather sweat than be cold.:cool: