Atlanta Weather & Traffic

For those of you that have not been to Atlanta be advised that the temperature and conditions can change very quickly here. I suggest that you bring a light jacket and perhaps a compact umbrella with you.

The Atlanta low temperature tomorrow, Apr 13 – Tues will reach into the 30’s however the forecast for the Championship ranges from a high of 76 to a low of 50F.

For those with allergies be aware that we are nearing the end of the heaviest pollen season. Right now everything outside is coated in green & yellow pollen. The count yesterday was 3243.

For those of you that will be traveling on the downtown interstates, be aware that GA DOT is resurfacing I75 / I85 downtown. This work is only being done on a 5 mile stretch of interstate, from Friday night at 9pm to Monday at 5am. A fantastic website to inquire about Atlanta traffic is Georgia Navigator.

Free traffic info with a live person, can be found via your cell phone in the Atlanta area. Verizon and Sprint PCS customers can dial toll free *DOT (*368) and AT&T customers can dial #DOT (#368) or call 1-888-635-8287. You can also call 511 from any phone for prerecorded road information.

Atlanta is looking forward to hosting the First Championship event for the 5th year in a row and we hope everyone has a great and safe time here!


Thanks very much for posting this. It is very helpful.

50F? That tee shirt and shorts weather! :wink:

Thank you Dave - for this post and for also helping us all through the whole weather/weather damage time period in Atlanta! You are an awesome resource!

Here some pretty good advice for new teams… or new students…
Remember to bring something warm to wear at the wrap party on Saturday night. It can get real cold … real quick… just as soon as the sun goes down…

a reminder… Saturday is National Hug a Skunk Day … Newton our team’s mascot will be there and all our team members are eligible…

see you then!!!

A revised forecast for Atlanta from Wednesday through Saturday is a low of 43F and a high of 74F with no rain in the forecast. Please bring a jacket for the evenings here.

Today’s pollen count is greatly improved at 116.

Atlanta’s regular gasoline prices downtown are averaging about 3.50 per gallon. You can find gas in the suburbs for about 25-30 cents cheaper.

Easily the biggest local story on the news today is the proposed Delta / Northwest Airlines merger.

The Championship’s are almost here. Everyone have a safe trip to the ATL.

Dave :wink:


It was 62 in Melbourne today, and I had to pull out a long sleeved shirt.

Hopefully it wont be too bad :slight_smile:

Anyone know how this years weather compares to last years?

Sounds like a pleasant day in August to me.

It was in the mid-50s today here in Rhode Island, perfect shorts and short-sleeves weather! Silly Floridians. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope Mullinax hasn’t forgotten his NE roots down there. It should feel like a heat wave to him!

dude today was teeshirt and short weather hmm that what im wearing right now haha im ready.

The weather sounds great this year!

I remember getting off our plane last year and it was cold and pouring rain.
I’ve gotta say coming from Arizona, Georgia’s storms are much scarier :P.

Weather sounds nice. Maybe after this merger they’ll be willing to give direct flights for sponsored FIRST teams to Atlanta.