Atlanta Web Hug!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! It’s time to think about getting together for a nice hug in Atlanta. When? What time? I’m thinking Saturday because we have a defined lunch that day, we can meet then.

PS, If you have an iPod, come and mabey we can get a huge photo of all of the iPod owners and uploading it to the iPods Around the World gallery!

The webhug has always been on Thursday for a few reasons.

First is because Thursday is the least intense day. Yes, some people have to miss it for practice matches, but some people would miss it friday, and even more would miss it saturday, with that whole strategy thing :wink:

Second is that if you meet people on Thursday, you have a chance to hang out with them Friday and Saturday. It doesn’t do you any good to meet people right before you leave.

Umm… what’s a webhug?

(Yeah, I’ve never been to nationals :frowning: )

This is the event at the Nationals where all the persons that seem to live on these forum’s get a chance to see each other face to face. We have such a great community of FIRST people that it is quite exciting to share a few moments and a “Hug” to start the competition. – Mike Martus

We’ll post an announcement on the main portal page when we come up with a date/time we will be having it.

the ipod owners thing sounds like an awsome idea =D… we have at least 3 on 121 (and depending if we advance i may or may not be able to make it, but we will see =D

oh i can’t wait!!! this’ll be my first web hug, i wanted to go last year, but completely missed it :frowning: Thursday definately sounds like the best day to have it, cuz then you’d only be missing what; maybe practice round or two. i know, i’m not a driver, never have been, never will be, but hopefully by Nat’s, drivers know the field and the limits of thier bot, right? And as mentioned earlier, do it thurs, and you can hang out with people you’ve just met the other 2 days :smiley:

I will definitely be there, just look for the red hat, and the yellow shirt the one with the bee on the front, after all we are the robobees.

Ok, I understand completly.

Man, I can’t wait till this year’s. We will have R.Lopez, Mr. Ivey, GERG, and I there this year. Look for me, I’ll be the guy with the iPod.

no!!! I’m the guy w/ shinny blue ipod (custom painted from i think)

I can’t wait I ahve been to one nationals before but I had never heard of CD l;et alone a web hug until after NAtionals so I am psyched! I have a question does everybody walka roudn with name tags saying like “HI My name is… MisterX” and such?

I can’t miss this! You can bet that me and a couple other 66ers will be there. I’ll be the one with the 6 inch high spikes. (I haven’t cut my hair in months and don’t plan to until after nats)

I cant wait for the webhug i missed it last year due to us not going to nats. Grr missing practice rounds might be hard tho, driving responsiblities. But, i am giong to try hard

Sorry to be the noob but I don’t hang out on web boards too often and this is only my second year of first. It’s also my first year going to the championship. (Woohoo!) What is a web hug? And aside from hotels is there a way to connect to the net with a laptop? Thanks ;p

i might have the same problem, but im HP and i might give my back up a fun round to play on a real field during practice for the fun of it (YAY 4 Mattay Shea!)

A web hug is a meet for anyone and everone on these boards who want to see eachother. Mr. Martus usually speaks and hands out special buttons (OOOHHH!!! AHAHAH!!!) and some pics are taken. We can meet and chat, but the best part is the end, where we all do what the meet’s title is, we have a giant hug. After that we hang and chat.

Soap set up a wireless web service last year, but I don’t know about this year.


Can we maybe set it up close to lunch on thursday or close to the end of the day?

OK, darnit… I missed last year’s webhug and I was pretty ticked about it. I will not miss this one, for sure. I give license to anyone to personally kick my butt if I miss this again.

How long?

Andy B.

Brandon said “live in these forums” I was wondering if there was an eticate thing to deal with activity on the forums. I am fairly new and not uber active /looks up at post #/ :frowning: . So i was wondering are all delphiers invited or is it just the more active ones. wow i sound like a super newb - no offense- just curious in a not knowing because of lack of experience manner Anyway if i can go i will try to find time with driving and all. /frowns, doesn’t look good/

You are invited. We want to assimilate you.

Anyone can go, some people do some dont. I know i missed it in past years but this year i am excited about meeting everyone (i can). If you have the chance i would suggest anyone to try to come, i have found it awesome to meet other FIRSTers and see what they are like, maybe you will mke some new friends.