Atlanta Web Hug!

Looks like I don’t need to go now that you found my mugshot. lol. i like that.

Dez, it doesn’t count for you cause i know you already.
P.S. do you think my driving improved, seeded #1 undefeated. :wink: :slight_smile:

I think your genes may give you an unfair advantage!

lol, maybe… but on a serious note, it was our bot. it is quit nice this year I must say. (check signature) we turned some heads in the inspection and in the pits. they are pretty funny stories, PM me if you wish to hear some.

[edit/] sorry, i meant to say signature, my bad doh, (yes that is last years field, a PARC)[/edit]

That, umm… looks like last year’s field.

Anywho, was their even a webhug last year?? I didn’t hear anything mentioned in Houston and don’t remember seeing anything here about it either. If there was, I wasn’t there… :frowning:

Thursday is good, but maybe later in the day so you can get an announcement made hopefully. I know previous yers that FIRST was hesitant of announcing it (I’m personally wondering why, since they seem to be touting these forums more and more on the website, and also at kickoff thanks to Dave Lavery.)

Maybe signs could be made up and hung very early Thursday morning, or even maybe Wednesday night if we could get acces to the arena (doubtful) - At least hang some signs up at the front doors or entrance somehow.

If volunteers are need to help with this, I’m sure some people from these forums would be willing to help.

Hopefully see you all there.


Here is what we have planned so far:

Thursday, Noon, Location TBD.

mind wanders Big sign in our pit, team members waving big sign thruout pits, sandwich sign “I’m going to a special webhug event!!!”

There was one, if I remember correctly it was between the two stadiums near some big Flag poles.


Oh, ok… well thanks Aaron. I must have just missed it last year. Oh well.

By the way:

If anyone wants to trade shirts in Atlanta anytime, or during the CD Webhug PM me soon!!

I have about 6 left to trade!!!

Good idea, Pat. I think I might let my backup play during one of the practice rounds too. It’d be really cool to meet people from CD. See you all there!

Last year, I had plans for (but never got around to) making myself a name tag something like this. Maybe this year.

Name Tag.jpg

Name Tag.jpg

That should be interesting. Maybe I can convince the Tick Chicks on my team to go


I’m always up for a hug!

I’m excited already for Atlanta. See you all at the hug…as the lone 86er but its all good.

I like it. What do you think?

Note: pic shrunken for CD :smiley:

And here is the nametag, actually being used

We now have a location picked out.

Since some of the FIRST conferences start at 1pm, we figured we would have the web hug near that location so that people aren’t late to any conferences they are attending.

Location: Near the entrance to the Georgia World Congress Center, Hall B.