So what exactly happens at Atlanta for a Rookie All Star award winner? Do we compete against other rookies? How does it work?


You will be like all the other teams as far as doing qualification rounds, and the alliance pickings, and finals. It will be like a regional 100 fold:yikes:

yup, you compete against everyone else just like you did at your regional. an international rookie all-star will be chosen as well:)

I think I know the winners from back in 2000!

If you won at your regional and are going to Atlanta I’d say you have a good chance of winning at nationals. But you never know another team might perform better and there’s still a good number of rookies. So just continually improve yourselves and hope for the best.

I’d say that you need to go with the right mindset. IMHO all too often rookie teams go with the idea that getting there was the final outcome. They are not prepared to continue the journey. It is easy to get wrapped up with all of the excitement and become awe struck. Go with the intentions of winning the national rookie award and doing well in the robot competition. You have time to prepare for both. Can you make your robot better while you are at home? Do you have room with the 40 pound withholding allowance to make the robot better? Can you take raw materials along to increase your chances of doing better? Can you plot a strategy with your drivers and human players to perform better? Can you provide more documentation to the judges that makes you stand out from the other rookies?

Your work is not over. You have several weeks to continue improving.

Enjoy the adventure. Take time to observe and see the world class teams you have heard about. Take notes on what they do to stand out. But most importantly, treat the event as a giant regional. You have work to do while you are there to prove that you belong there. You can compete with all of us. You have proven that by making it to Atlanta.

But most of all, have fun and learn from the adventure.