Atmega32 port c pins

my team has designed a programmer for atmega32. all ports can be programmed successfully however pins 2,3,4,5(starting with 0) of portc cannot be programmed. we wrote a flash led programmer however these mentioned pins do not show any variation. they are showing a constant high. pls help us at the earliest… thanks

How are you programing the device? There are multiple methods. These methods are ISP, JTAG, DebugWire, Parallel, and High Voltage. Im suspicious of the fact that pins 2,3,4, and 5 form the basis of JTAG programing.
I think I figured it out. You have JTAG programing enabled. The datasheet says:

If the JTAG interface is enabled,
the pull-up resistors on pins PC5(TDI), PC3(TMS) and PC2(TCK) will be activated even if a reset

Hence the reason why the pins don’t change value. Try disabling it through the fuse settings.