Attaching a small gear to Denso window motor?

We are trying to attach a small gear to the Denso window motor. Currently we have mocked up the window motor to the coupler…coupler to shaft…gear on shaft. This works but is very bulky. There must be a better way.

Any ideas on how to modify the coupler to attach a small gear/sprocket?

Has anyone modified the plastic motor output “gear” that the coupler attaches to? is modifying this motor part legal?


From what I know, we’re just using set screws and it seems to work reasonably well.

I found a good example…

I like this solution BUT the **plastic **output “gear” on the motor scares me. Is it legal and/or practical to replace it with an aluminum output gear?

Any other ideas?

Denso window motor gear.jpg

Denso window motor gear.jpg

You will need to ask on the Q&A for a legal answer, but the general concensus I’ve seen is that the plastic portion on the output is needed for that motor because it is considered to be an integral piece.

There is not prohibition about machining your own coupler instead of the using the provided plastic plastic one. However, be careful because those window motors can be touchy about shear loads (in our experience from 07).