Attaching balls to bumpers via sticky surfaces

Is it possible that a robot can attach a ball to a bumper or some robot part via a sticky surface? Such as a sticky surface such as maybe tape?

Probably not your bumpers, because the rules are very strict about materials (look at them yourself; I’m too lazy to check for you).

However as long as you don’t violate the three-ball-maximum rule and the don’t-mark-the-ball rule, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be legal to stick balls to your frame.

Remember the “don’t damage field parts” rule. Sticky substances left on the ball could be counted as damage. It caused balls to block up the return shoot in BreakAway; there could be an equally bad effect in this year’s game.

Keep in mind the adhesive could wear off. If the adhesive is too weak or too little, the ball may not stick. If there is too much stickiness, the ball could get residue, torn, or quite possibly refuse to leave the sticky surface at all.

While there isn’t a specific rule prohibiting the adhesion of balls to your frame, and as long as you don’t damage the balls, then it would be legal. I would GDC the question though.
Just out of curiosity, why might one want to do this? Would this be some newfangled defensive strategy?

Hmmm, I don’t know, I agree that the GDC is where to go with the question however…I am thinking I read something about herding balls and wouldn’t this fall into herding…and the whole 3 ball thing kind of limits what you can do…