Attaching Mini-Bike motor to stock banebot gearboxes!

Hi guys,

How would I attach the mini-bike motors to the stock banebot gearboxes! Any help would be greatly valued.


IFI sells a Mini-Bike motor mounting kit that could be pretty easily adapted to mount to the Banebots 12:1 gearbox.

after that all you will need to do is fix the Pinion gear to the mini-bike shaft which isn’t bad because it is the same size as on the small CIM (which the banebots box is designed to interface with). I recommend either using loctite to fix the gear on or if you are brave cutting a keyway into the shaft and then using a key along with loctite.

we thought about doing this and got as far as keying the pinion to the sahft before we got scared off for weight reasons.

Good luck!


We were able to mate the big CIM to the BB 56mm tranny by doing the following.

  • Machined the face of the Big CIM flat leaving a 1" OD X .13" tall boss in order to retain the bearing. I Also removed the “ear”.
  • Drilled and tapped 4 10-32 holes on a 2" diam bolt hole pattern.
  • The output shaft was keyed with a tiny endmill, and trimmed slightly.

The above make the face of the big CIM just like the regular one except that the boss is 1" vs 3/4" OD

  • Finally ID of the housing of the gearbox was opened from 3/4" to 1" diam in order to accomidate the larger boss.

JFK HS, Denver, CO