Attaching wire to 775pro at right angle

As we are starting to finalize our design, we realized that we are going to be putting some 775s in small spaces, and their power cables need to be attached at a right angle to fit. What is the best way to attach a cable to a 775 at a right angle?

I saw this thread a while ago they look pretty nice.

We’ve soldered wires directly to the tabs in the past. You just have to be careful not to melt the plastic bits on the motor. My advice is to tin the wire and put a drop of solder on the tab in advance. Apply direct heat to the wire, not to the tab and remove heat when the solder melts. Finally, slide a piece of heat shrink over the whole thing and you’re good to go.

We have soldered wires at right angles quite successfully for many years.

Flag terminals are also a thing.

Thanks for the link to that thread! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Saved me the trouble of designing my own cover.

I prefer using the flag terminals. They are available from digikey (an FRC sponsor). Be very careful when soldering to the terminals on the 775. The other side is the brush assembly. If you add enough heat, the brush assembly will move and that may cause unpredictable and/or erratic motor behavior.

There are some very nice flag connectors that I bought for my team to use on banebots. Heres a nice kit with 3 different sizes to use http://

Are there flag terminals that fit the 775pro tab size tightly and accept 12 AWG? Per the drawing, the 775 tab size is 0.181" wide and of unspecified thickness. The flag terminals I’m finding on DigiKey for 0.187" tab size max out at 14 AWG; 12 AWG flag terminals appear to all be 0.250" tab size or larger (e.g. WM18249-ND, A27607CT-ND) and I’m worried about them being a loose fit on the 775.