attachment for Cim 217-3351

Im looking for a shaft attachment for a Cim 217-3351. I can use either a round rubber belt or a chain. The application is light torque.

Thank you in advance

EDIT: Ah, you’re referring to a BAG motor. You probably want to use:

I believe you are referring to the BAG motor, correct?:

If so, the best way we have made use of all the smaller shaft motors in the past is to put them in a Vexpro versaplanetary gearbox. You have many output and gearing options at that point. The gearbox comes with the mounting kit and collars to use pretty much all of the legal motors.

You can assemble them with 8mm (CIM) output shafts, 1/2" hex, 1/2" round, 3/8" hex etc. Just make sure you order all the parts you need including the ring gear kit per stage if you’re adding stages - and lubricate the stages with white lithium grease.

I’m assuming you are directly driving the BAG motor with no gearbox. We’ve successfully used FTC axles, collars, wheels, etc. on the output shaft of a plain old BAG motor, but I’m also assuming that you want to attach a sprocket to drive the chain. In that case the best thing you could do is put a 1:1 VersaPlanetary box on the motor. It will not change the motor, except in length and it will give you a 1/2 hex shaft (or 3/8, if that’s what you want to use) to put on whatever part you need to. You can then put on the sprocket or belt pulley that you want on it.

Thanks for the quick response. I saw those same products on Andymark but the Cim motor in question doesnt have a Keyway on the shaft. Is a smooth shaft.

Thanks again for the quick responses. i appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that a chain spinning at 14,000 rpm is not going to be quiet or very safe, so a guard of some sort would be insurance against danger.

Just to avoid confusion, the motor you are referencing isn’t a CIM motor, it’s a BAG motor.