Attachment Types

This has to have been brought up elsewhere, but I couldnt find it. Is there a reason that the attachment system does not allow the files used for programming (.c and .h mainly) to be attached to posts? If I had to guess I would say that it is probably a security thing (maybe hackers could use such a file to spread a virus or something?) or that no one has ever brought the issue up, but it really would be a nice addition. Anyone know anything about this?

Ok, I’ve added .h and .c

Let me know if you want any others.

Okay, I’m ignorant, but bear with me. At my school (where the robotics computers are), all zipped files on the Internet are blocked. So, would there be some way to unzip the files and then attach them instead of attaching zipped files (in case I need to download something here that’s a zipped folder)?

How about iam, ipt, and idw (Inventor file extensions)? Thanks Brandon for everything


There isn’t anything I can do about that, easily.


Okay, I was just wondering if there was something you could do. If they were unzipped, they’d probably not fit the size restrictions on attachments anyway.