Attachments vs Gallery



I’ve disabled attachments in this forum (Robot Showcase) in order to keep things a bit more organized on this (and other) sites.

The Image Gallery has a gallery for 2004 robots. We’d rather have all of the images uploaded there, rather than attached to a thread in here, for a few reasons.

  1. provides one centralized location
  2. we export the robot galleries to some websites, those attached here won’t be listed on the other sites
  3. the database backup downtime will grow as there are more & more robot pictures uploaded
  4. the gallery will be searchable by team #, eventually. can’t search in here and the gallery at the same time.

**One location. **Instead of browsing through a ton of threads, you can view all images in one location. You can still discuss them: note the link in the bottom left corner of each images detail. That will create a thread here about that image.

** Exported to websites? **The FEDS (201) have a nice scouting website and each team detail shows pictures of that team that are located in our 2003 robot gallery. If they are attached here, they won’t be seen on the feds (and possibly other) websites.

** Database backup? ** Early morning EST, the site is automatically taken down and the database is backed up. If there are tons of large picture attachments in here, the backup takes longer.

**Searchable? **Yeah. One day the image gallery will be searchable by description, uploader, team number, date, and some other keywords.

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