Attack 3 Joystick

I’m using labview to program our robot and want to setup the joystick. I know how to set certain buttons to do things, but how i make it so when the actual joystick in the middle is pushed forward, the robot moves forward. When the joystick is pushed to the right or left, it goes that way, and reverse when pushed back. Are their button numbers assigned to this that i just don’t see? What do i need to do?


That’s called Arcade Drive.
The default code is setup to do this with 2 motors.

it should still work with 4 motors correct?

Yes, it should still work.

If you guys meet in the evening Monday or Tuesday, I can come out and help you run through your questions.

Thanks. About coming to our school, that’s something i would ask Mr. Monte about. If you need his email, let me know.

Mr. Monte is sending out an email to see when all of you can meet after school.

you’ll want to set up four motors in begin vi and use the axis 1 (y) and axis 2 (x) and make your own arcade drive.

Why make their own? Do you think there is something about the built-in arcade drive that makes it unsuitable for a team trying to get their robot to move under joystick control?