attempt in gathering info for the Curie Division

Posted by Ken Leung at 04/01/2001 11:59 PM EST

Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M. Gunn Senior High School.

In an earlier post, I asked people to send me an e-mail listing their team number, team name, the function their robot can do best and how, another function their robot can do second best and how, how their robot can act as an ideal partner in an alliance, and their highest standing (including finals) at a regional if they attended one.

So far I’ve received 8 e-mails answering the questions from team 383, 116, 115, 296, 677, 211, 303, 47

I know a lot of you are still reading this forum… so please just take 5 min of your time and drop me an e-mail with a format similar to the following.

For an example, our team’s will be:

#192, Gunn Robotics Team
Balance two goals using arms to push on the ground
Transport two goals with high traction drive train (gear-shifting)
We can be the balancer of the alliance or manipulator of the bridge and goals for the alliance
Highest standing: Regional Finalist

Just a short summary of what robot does according the the regional competition. This is not for teams to show off their robots, but an effort to understand the division a little bit better.

After I gathered all the team’s data, I will combine all of them into a printed page, and hand them out at the pit at Nationals to whoever send in their data.

Thank You.

Posted by Ellery at 04/02/2001 11:05 AM EST

Engineer on team #191, X-CATS, from Joseph C. Wilson High School, Rochester NY and Xerox Corporation.

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Posted by Ken Leung on 04/01/2001 11:59 PM EST:

Ken - I just emailed you our team info sheet.