Attendance Tracking

Hi, my name is Colby Kusinitz I am trying to find a better way to keep attendance For my FRC team (POBots 353 from NY), We basically want a way to keep track of the amount of hours they are have worked and how many meetings they have attended

Thanks in advance
Colby Kusinitz
Director of Communications

We use . It allows you to easily schedule meetings, practices, and events. Lets you track who attended what events. It allows students to quickly reply before hand if they will or will not be able to attend that meeting etc.

It’s even nice for collecting money for travel and stuff.

We have a scanner system, where our members scan in and out when they come to the lab.

We have a scanner system as well- students swipe their student id cards or enter their id number.
Here’s a link to our github with the code. It runs in terminal.

This baby won’t fail you!

Our team has a sign in/out sheet for meetings. You write down your name, date, and how many hours you were there. It’s pretty effective. If a student tries to cheat by adding more hours than what he/she was there for, other students can verify it.

Does anyone know of/have a scanning system which does not require a dedicated device? I’d ideally like something that we can place on a mobile phone or between laptops or something…in other words, a lightweight, minimal setup system? I don’t really need any bells and whistles – just attendance tracking.

I’m really impressed, but why shell script?

It’s convenient- on our team, all of software engineering has bash and many other members also have it. And it’s easier than other languages like Java, though it’s possible to use python (with bash I believe).

shoutout to our webmaster if he’s reading this for the help

We use a scanner system with a django backend that manages all the data. Our code can be found here.

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This is the sign-in app we use: It’s written in Python+PyQt, can run with either a CSV backend or with our registration system ( We run it on a Raspberry Pi but it works on Windows as well. One nice feature with this is that it integrates photo display so you can visually see who is logged in.

This app is visually inspired by akeisic’s Excel-based sign-in system ( If you’re looking for something super lightweight without any dependencies other than Excel, that’s a great starting point.

This is what we use:

Other teams are using it as well. It’s been a great system for us. It allows students to sign in and out using a barcode scanner attached to a Raspberry Pi.

We built an app for it last summer but never really had much luck with it. It was used for maybe a week before the novelty wore off and everyone stopped using it.

We just started using this
It’s a bit simplistic, but the kids love scanning their fingerprint. It’s quick, easy, and no one can sign in for someone else. (No cheating ha,ha). We call ours BARF. Biometric Attendance Recording Facilitator. The kids also enjoy the name.
No need for a computer just plug it in and download the records on a flash drive. They come out in an excel file.
We haven’t used it alot so I’m not sure how well it’s really going to work for us, but I’m hopeful.