Attending a regionals as an overseas team

As a student in the States about to depart for a school in a foreign country, how would I go about changing an already-existing team abroad to a team that is eligible for attending a regional in the States next year if funding is not too big of an issue for the team in question? What would my coach have to do to register for a regional event, would the process be different from registering as a US team? What kind of visas would the team have to apply for? Could we choose which regional (e.g. NYC, LA, etc.) we would be participating in? How far in advance would we have to prepare before the event?

While I do not have much general knowledge of FRC team management as a freshman, I would greatly appreciate any and all information on this matter, as I am willing to do whatever it takes to have another FRC experience, and preferably not have my rookie season be my last.


I will yield to others on the actual travel logistics, but to answer the part I do know:

As long as the team doesn’t reside in an existing district (which outside the US would be Ontario and Israel), they can sign up for any regional anywhere. US, Canada, Brazil, Türkiye, Australia, world’s your oyster.

They’d register through the FIRST Dashboard just like a U.S. team would. Some of the youth protection requirements may be different depending on the country. That also means they’ll be paying a bill in US dollars.

And one thing you didn’t ask: Check out the FIRST Tech Challenge scene in your destination. Because of the lower barriers to entry, it’s flourished in some countries that would struggle to maintain an FRC program.


Thank you so much for your invaluable advice, I will look up FTC for the team as well, I just wasn’t thinking of it because I’ve only participated in FRC before and FTC also seems like a great opportunity for overseas teams! And thank you for the response on the regional event choice youth protection requirements, will definitely check that out.

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They CAN sign up for any regional anywhere while still being in an existing district. They just can’t do that until open registration (AFTER two rounds of regional registration… which tends to limit options). Also, as a district team, they can also sign up for an open slot in another district (for no district points)–again, once open registration hits.

Other than that, pretty much sign up for any regional anywhere, via the usual system. Pick some regional events, figure out what order you’d prioritize them, and make the normal ritual sacrifices to the random number generators so that you get into one of your preferred events. You’ll know in about October which events you’re going to–use the rest of the time before Kickoff to finish logistics.

Your information regarding team and event registration is incredibly useful, especially to an inexperienced student who has no prior experience with registration. The fact that we can register mostly anywhere is extremely surprising and opens up so many options that I did not think about as someone currently in an event-limited region due to funding. It is so wonderful to hear that my future opportunities are plenty and that my FRC experience will not end as a freshman. Thank you so much for your support regarding this matter and for contributing to my knowledge.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are some areas where the demand for event slots exceeds the supply. Areas like California are known to reserve a significant number of slots for local teams, and based on last year’s registration pitfalls, it would be unsurprising to see this practice expanded.

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Gonna link a couple of things your mentors will need to look at. Cost & Registration | FIRST Robotics Competition has some key dates; Event Preference System | FIRST has an overview of the event selection process.

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Oh, I was not aware of such a practice, but it does not surprise me as local teams are the most guaranteed to compete in their local events. Do you happen to know if the same practice happens in New York City?

Thank you so much for the links, the specifics regarding registration down to the exact dates definitely gives me so much more to work with! I’m new to ChiefDelphi, but I’m finding it an incredibly support community and resource :).

All events have what’s called a “Reserve capacity.” This is the number of slots at an event which are not released to teams at the time of registration. Some areas reserve more spots than others. All regional events are available to all teams, it’s just more competitive to get assigned to some.

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That clarifies a lot for me, thank you.

You would have to reveal what country you are planning to move to. There is no standard.

Most European countries for example do not require a visa to go to the U.S., however For TĂĽrkiye you apply for a visa, and wait a year for an appointment to be evaluated for a visa, in which they request a novel full of documents from you that they often reject you without even looking at. If you are in a hurry under certain conditions they provide expedited appointments.

Also, there are regionals in other countries, you don’t have to compete in the U.S. to stay in FRC. Traveling to the US is expensive and depending on where you’re coming from, very difficult.

Australia, Brazil, TĂĽrkiye, Mexico, and Canada all have open regionals any team can attend, and Israel has Districts.,New%20Zealand%2C%20Norway%2C%20Poland%2C

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