Attending teams + St. Louis teams - International teams need your help!

Hey guys,
So there will be (i hope) 6 teams from Israel at St. Louis.
As we have to fly half a globe for that, there is a long list of stuff we cant bring with us for the competition, and we need it.

We come to you, teams in attendance and other local St. Louis teams for help with that.
( i should mention that i mentor team 3211, but am coordinating the equipment loaning for teams 1574,3316,3065,5291 and 1937 as well)

Equipment needed:
Batteries (cant bring them to USA) - as many as possible
Chargers (we use 220V, which are useless, we need 110V)
Tools - Going anywhere from wrenches, measurement tape to drills etc.
Pit structure - to have a ‘base’ where we can hang our pit.
Robot Carts… the walks in the Dome are looooong.

Bringing tools and pit bases is very expansive, and we will not be able to bring it.
If you have anyway to help us, feel free to contact me on this thread, via PM or mail me at [email protected]


3397 would be happy to help again this year. We will see where we are after the regional that we are at as to what we can bring, but we should be able to at least provide a little help!

One more thing. If you are part of a St. Louis area team that can lend, send me a PM. I am willing to organize for this area if I can get specifics on the parts that you have.

I have created a facebook group for it, and will add anyone in the area who is willing to help.

1723 from Independence MO would be glad to help. We replaced all of our batteries and most of our tools this year, so we have a decent supply of gently used ones we’d be glad to lend. We can probably find a cart too. Just let us know how you’d like to arrange things. You can contact me at [email protected] .

It is looking like batteries are what we are really gonna need. So far we know we have 12 batteries, which is not enough for 6 teams (more than 2 batteries a team would be nice). Anyone who can provide more, it would be much appreciated.

Hey people,
Sorry for highjacking this post, but we’re in the same situation. It’s the first time our team, Chilean Heart, has won the Los Angeles Regional Chairman’s Award. Besides it coming as a complete surprise, and the need of raising about $60K in 3 weeks to get 30 people from Chile to St. Louis, we urgently need help for our participation in the Championship. Pretty much everything mentioned by Liron is a must for us!
Thanks in advance!

I will be sure to include you guys as well in my inventory then, although, you might wanna try talking to the Brazil teams who come and ask them about how they get their supplies, they might have an easier solution.

If not though, we are happy to see what we can do.

Ok, thanks Walter! I’ll talk with the Brazilian teams anyway :smiley:

Lucas, do you know of any other chilean teams who will need help?

Nope, sadly our two new rookies couldn’t win the All-Star Award, so it’s just us