Attention All Teams! Looking for 1 Picture of Each of Your Robots

After talking to Nick Galotti, who maintains the FIRST-a-holics website, we thought of an idea similar to that of the older Since has not undergone any major updates since 2004, I’d like to try to restart a similar project. All the pictures would be hosted at
We believe that resources such as the are a great resource to the FIRST community, and we would like to carry on where left off.**

So here is where we need your help. We are currently looking to see if each team can send us one really good picture of of their robots. The picture should be clear and crisp and should encompass the entire robot. If all all possible, if the robot is in front of a contrasting color background (to make the robot more visable) and if the picture can be taken at a isometric point of view, that would make it even better.

Also, we’d like to have each picture at least 640x480 pixels. (The preferred size would be 800x600 or 1024x768 pixels.)

All you need to do is email these pictures to frc̣̣̣ [dot] team [dot] pictures [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks for your support!

1281’s 2006 robot, “Frank the Tank”

For people that don’t like resizing images from multiple-megapixels down to 800x600 or 1024x768 because it’s a pain, Microsoft makes a shell-integrated (just right-click and hit resize) powertoy for windows. Get it here

Just FYI, gmail won’t let me send anything to that address, it says it’s nonexistant.

Robot 1.jpg

Robot 1.jpg

Here is a link to our home page. From there choose either HTML or Flash and there should be a picture of the robot in the center (with the text “‘Protege 3’ 2005-2006”). There is also a picture of our VeX robot on the VeX subsite’s robot info page.

So does this mean you are looking for a picture from every team of both their 2005 and 2006 robots?

EDIT: actually, it seems the 2001-2004 galleries on dont work, so would you want all bots from 2001-2006?

Well, the size was too big to attach so here’s the link:


I just checked the email address and it worked fine - several teams have already sent in their pictures. You will need to erase the spaces and the [dot] parts, as I added this instead of using periods to avoid getting spammed to death. The email address is [dot] com

Thanks to everyone so far who submitted pictures.

Although most of the pictures on are still available through the Internet Archive cache, we’d greatly appreciate if you could send us pictures from any year, going all the way back to 1992. We’d like to not only continue where left off, but also provide pictures from the early years as well so that you could go to one website for pictures from every year. :cool:

Please refrain from attaching your pictures to posts!

If the picture is already online, a link to the picture would be good, but an email with the picture attached would be ever better. I’m sure Brandon would like it much better if everyone would refrain from attaching pictures to every post. :wink:

Alright, it worked this time. Gmail doesn’t like me… :frowning:

i’m still going to be taking pictures of every frc, fvc, and fll robot at nats on thursday. i’m making sure the team number is in the pic, so when i have them all i’ll email them to you, if you want? it’ll give you a good starting point… :smiley:

There are pictures (of varying quality) of most of our robots on the FIRSTwiki. They have their own pages linked to from the team page, 759.

One thing to note is that when first started, the pictures weren’t submitted, but rather, the person who started that website (Jason R.) did all the leg work to find the pictures himself.

I know you want to save a lot of trouble by telling teams to send you the pictures, but if you are really serious about putting together a complete gallery of all the FIRST robots, I suggest you prepare yourself for doing a lot of work to make it good.

It is a lot of work, but it is worth it, if you really want to do a good gallery. Otherwise, this is just another thread with some pictures in it. (for our gallery) (for the not-so-updated picture of this year’s robot)
and I don’t think you are interested in browsing through team member profiles?

You may pick and choose whichever one you want :smiley:


sometime in the next few days these pictures will be titled by team number and tagged by division. there are 341 pictures in all. it took me an hour in total, spread out over two days (half an hour on friday and saturday before the pits actually opened to team members). if any teams are missing, it’s because they covered their robot when they left their pits.

enjoy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, nice collection thanks alot. =)

Goes and gathers photos for a history project