ATTENTION: Beantown Blitz is in the Works!

hi folks!

FIRST of all, I would like to personally thank all the teams who returned the Beantown Blitz interest sheets to me at Nationals last weekend. Your interest encouraged the College of Engineering administration to pursue the organization of the Blitz! They are extremely excited about putting together a spectacular event.

I would like to include that I didn’t mind loosing my voice after speaking to all 300 teams last friday… for this event, it was totally worth it.

If your team is interested… please email me contact information at [email protected]
Trust me… your team will want to know if you’re in the lucky one hundred!

Team selections will also be posted on Chief Delphi! So keep checking!

This is an event to be excited about! The best teams in the best college town in the country! (Boston) A final fun weekend of the summer! A fantastic way to bid graduated seniors farewell before they wander off into the world. A weekend for the ones with FIRST withdrawl to get a booster shot of adrenalyn! And a great way to introduce new members before the new school year begins.

Why not be excited!

So post your interest, tell me you ideas, lets make the Blitz an event to remember. I meet with the administration regularly and I don’t want to leave anything out.

And get this… I might be able to reserve a dorm building for everyone coming so that you’d have a place to stay, how crazy will that be! ( I think it would be more nuts than the All Star hotels in Disney, lol)

So post, get excited, and get in touch!
Mark your calendars for August 16!

The Blitz is in the Works!



Hi all!

I have been helping Erin with putting together The Beantown Blitz, and I just wanted to encourage teams to get in on this. Its been a long time since the last Rumble at the Rock. Back then the granddaddy of all offseason competitions was one that had as much value behind it as winning a regional. This was due to the fact that “the best of the best” showed up to strut their stuff, and it made for some of the most heated and fun competition ever. With the Beantown Blitz, we are looking to bring back some of the spirit of an all star type event like Rumble was back in its day. We have invited teams that have been sucessful this year and over the course of many years of FIRST in order to present the most exciting competition possible. The Blitz is going to be held in a world class city with tons of sights and fun places to visit. The arena is fit for a regional. Plus there promises to be few suprises in store for those who join in. For years, many have wanted a chance to get that intense nationwide offseason invitational back…with the Blitz, this is exactly what we are trying to accomplish. Join in, get pumped, and “Blitz” to get those responses in. There is a limited capacity for the event, so get them in fast. Hope to see you there!

I personally as a senior would love to go to an off season competition but I doubt I can convince the students, and hardest of all the mentors and parents. So I can’t say if we have a chance to attend. I still meant to fill out the information sheet but forgot after our table was covered with scouting sheets. Even as rookie, we competed with the best and I would love one more chance to see our team in action. So just note I’m interested. I don’t know when fall classes start which I would also need before I could consider attending but if I find we can attend I will let you know. Good luck with the blitz. I’m sure it will be great.

So, what would the criteria be for teams to be invited to this event?

Any idea how much it would cost? Just an estimate so we can decide if we can afford to go or not.


I think the FEDS would deserve to be in it. You had a great showing in Archimedes and only lost to the winning alliance in elims. Great job. I wish our alliance would have had a game against 111, 469, and 65. We just need 2 more points in QF1 and we would have.

what will the dates be?
I know a bunch of X-cats would love to do it, im just not sure if scheduling would work

My commitee will try to be as fair as possible when deciding what teams may be invited… it will be a difficult choice

things we will look at are:

  • winning a regional
  • finalist at a regional
  • winning tech awards
  • notable accomplishments (I will be asking many respectable scouters their opinions of many teams)
  • location (there may be more midwest, northeast, and mid-atlantic teams than others because I doubt teams would travel that far)
  • previous overall success as a team
  • duh, how well you did at nats
  • ect…

As you see, many things will be taken into account. We will be inviting the teams that we feel would put fourth the greatest effort into a memorable competition.

If you want to submit a claim about why your team should be invited (and I suggest you should because it’s difficult to know everything about every team) … email it to [email protected]

cost will be no more than 300, it’ll prolly be 200, I still need to work that out with NEU



p.s. the date would be August 16, 2003

team 222 can’t wait for the beantown blitz!!! we have been dying for a competition similar to Rumble at the Rock! As always we are bringing our spirit and one tough machine!!! Can’t wait to see you all there! Erin’s gonna put together a great one!!!

*Originally posted by robohyo *

I think the FEDS would deserve to be in it. You had a great showing in Archimedes and only lost to the winning alliance in elims. Great job. I wish our alliance would have had a game against 111, 469, and 65. We just need 2 more points in QF1 and we would have. **

Thanks for the compliments. I’ll see if my team is interested in coming…

151 should be there, BTW Erin if you read this I’m gonna be going to Wentworth next year, maybe I could help out with 125

I am not sure what my team adviser would say but i sure would like to go :confused: … And i know that there is others from team 61 would want to go…

I’m sure 88 would want to go assuming we get picked to go.

OK… new information about the Blitz (just keeping ya’ll informed)

heh… its still in the works but it looks very optimistic (it’s gonna rock!!)

36 TEAMS! 100-150 teams will be invited to have priority registration for a certain amount of time before we open it to everybody

teams: keep emailing me your team information for the selection process and/or team contact info so you are informed
[email protected]