Attention CT teams

U.S FIRST Veteran

5 Years U.S FIRST Robotics
2 Years FLL Coach
2 Years volunteer @ FLL Comp

  Building scouting databases in:
     Microsoft Excel
     Lotus Aproach
     Palm Pilot Technology 

  Building presentations in:
     Microsoft Powerpoint
     Lotus Freelance

 *Experience in various other programs*
   Photography Experienced
   Personal connections with IBM

Competition Experience:

    1999 Philadelphia Regional & Orlando National
    2000 UTC Regional & Orlando National
    2001 UTC Regoinal & Orlando National
    2002 New York City, UTC Regional & Orlando National
    1999 - 2002 Mini Comps which include:
            Bash @ The Beach, River Rage, Battlecry @ WPI



I will be able to attend the New York City Regional and UTC Regional this year.

Vin Tech Scouting Services Please feel free to email me for further information.

I know that scouting programs have been created for Palm Pilots in the past. I have searched for one this year, but have not found anything. Does anyone have any suggestions or is a team planning on writing one?