ATTENTION!!! There were significant issues that could not be overcome in time to continue with the event

It is with great regret I need to inform you that The 6th Annual Sweet
Repeat scheduled for this Saturday, October 8, 2005 is**canceled.
I’d like to apologize for the short notice & inconvenience this will
cause you and the disappointment your students will experience.

Registration fees will be returned this week to the return address of
the sender.

Thank you for your understanding.

Joseph Turckes
Team Ford FIRST
Voice/Fax: +1.313.33.79678

That sux… & remember people… Don’t kill the messenger.

^Understatment of the year!!!

We’ve spent many hours re-working the Kettering version of the robot and had ten days of drive team practice, with nothing left to do but cancel the next two practice sessions.

How do I put a positive spin on this with the kids? Answer is: I don’t - not one that I can believe myself - other than to say; “Stuff Happens” - deal with it!

so ya cant make that off season, come to Rah Cha Cha Ruckus!!

too bad to see an off season comp go under.

RE: This post.

Whatdaya think about the chances of our finding two eager pre-college types to join #1213 while we give their friends on the NY teams fits.

I’ve reffed and inspected at four regionals and the nats, raised funds for Detroit and West Michigan, and engineer/mentored our team. My son has been score keeper where ever I reffed - along with a couple of off-seasons, where he also drove. We will not go quietly into the Michigan winter!

if ya really need 2 people to help with it. i’ll try and ask aorund home town and see if there is anyone who can help ya guys out.

Unlike their mentor, most of the kids at Birmingham-Groves have a life outside of FIRST. I’ll give them an invite, but they’d have to bring their parent who’d have to foot travel and lodging. I don’t expect any takers, so go ahead and ask around.

We have that robot tweaked to be all it can be. One way or another we’re going to put it in play. Please don’t be alarmed if you read of a kidnapping at the local high school on the 28th. :rolleyes:

there are some very large teams coming to rochester like 340 and 191 i am sure that there will kids very willing to help you out. if you would like to know for sure drop a PM to Rees2001 or ellery on these forums

You can have as many as you want. Right now I have 60+ students in the club and I’m sure any of them would love to get a chance to get out onto the carpet & play some robot games. If you are looking for tools or anything just ask. Our robot always needs fixing so we will have plenty. How many people are you planning on bringing out our way?

Ya…if it wasn’t 11 hours away :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho, can we hear why it got canceled?

i know there is atleast 1 person making that trip from indy

I don’t think it would float well with our school if we went…ha definitely not. I can only wish…


I had 13 friends comming to this event to get them into FIRST.

I’m sorry this had to happen. If there is a way to know what happened/what can be done to not allow this to happen agian please let me/us know!