Attention REV Robotics - Spark Max Can and Robobuilder

Hello everyone.
I just posted on the RoboBuilder Github community a post asking where CTRE TalonSRX via CAN went in later versions of Robotbuilder at the following thread.

Response is that Motor Controllers and items that are not in WPILib are not included in RobotBuilder anymore, but can be added via extensions. So my call here is for RevRobotics to provide extensions support so that we can have SparkMax brushless motors appear in Robotbuilder.

Hoping to encourage the supplier partners to do this.


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You can find the official REV support channels here:

Opening an issue for the wrong organization and then demanding a response from a supplier on a public unofficial forum only 4 hours later seems unreasonable…


This was not intended to be a time sensitive demand to Rev. Rev Robotics has in the past asked to submit an email query to their support email, but in that email to them, point the details of the request to a post on CD. This for them allows them to reply to the entire FiRST community and keep answers and discussions in the open, thus benefiting everyone… Again, I did this as per their standard practice and not in order to force them into engaging. I have had very good support from REV using this approach, again at their suggestion to do so.


Our team is switching to java this year and I ran into this earlier this month. I found spark max extensions produced by 3244 that should do the trick for you until Rev produces some official extensions.

Thanks for pointing to this extension, we have this on our public roadmap here, and point to that exact GitHub repo on the card currently. Thanks to team 3244 for putting it together!

We will update that card when it is officially implemented, if you want to follow along you can also subscribe to it directly. Note that as with any other vendor library this will be installed separately and is not part of the wpilib repo.

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