Attention Rochester, NY Teams

Hi All.
I am planning my girl scout gold award. For those of you who dont know that is the highest award a scout can get. :yikes:

My event is a Technology and robot fair in support of the Alternatives for battered women shelters in rochester. I have engineers scheduled to have booths and attendents are being asked to bring journals and other items to donate.

Both GRR teams will have booths also and I am inviting any other teams who would like to bring their robots and help support this good cause to sign up for a booth.

The event is currently scheduled for September 13 2008 from 10:00a-2:00p in the Churchville Chili Junior High School forums.

Anyone who is interested should email me or post here.:slight_smile:

I don’t think you mentioned which Rochester? Is this Rochester Michigan, New York, or Minnesota? Based on the location of your team, it’s probably New York right?

Haha yeah. Rochester, NY.

Sorry about that

Steph this is truly awesome. I hope you can get added to support to what already sounds like an awesome event. You make us all proud.

Team 578 is interested in getting a booth.

Good job in going for the Gold! I’ll check with 1511 and see if we can help with a booth or with the things you want donated! We have a Girl Scout on our team as well, maybe this will get her motivated!

I’m sure teams from all of the other Rochester’s could come too! :slight_smile:

okay 578. If you could email me with some basic information, like how I can contact you easily, any thing you may need, you will deffinately have a booth!

and 1511 I really hope you can make it too!


What a great opportunity to spread the message of FIRST! This is such a great idea! Good luck! :yikes:

  • Matt

Will Sparx be able to come? Dylan had said they would be able to but he never got back to me.

I will look into it and get back to you!

  • Matt