ATTENTION! Seeking all FIRST Alumni-Founded Companies

Hi Everyone -

Although this is the first post on Chief Delphi, we are not new to the world of FIRST by any means. This form was created by a strategic funder of FIRST.

We wanted to share a potential opportunity. We are looking to gather information on FIRST Alum who have gone on to found companies. Please fill out this form as our funder is exploring creating an investment fund dedicated to supporting FIRST Alum companies. Feel free to distribute as necessary. Thanks in advance. Here’s the form:


Is there some slightly more official place that this form has been placed - that would make it clear to us that it isn’t some random person just trying to collect various personal information? I don’t want to come across as rude - I absolutely want to share it with my alumni, but I also want to make sure I can trust it first - the internet is terrifying :frowning:

Edit: Maybe if there are things you want to keep confidential, you can work with the mods of Chief Delphi privately to prove that this is trustworthy?


Alex - totally understand your concern. This sounds like a good recommendation, as there is a degree of confidentiality we want to preserve initially on the front-end of things, for this phase. Let me know if there’s specific folks who would be best to get in touch with.


Hi everyone,

I’ve spoken with the funding organization and can verify that they are in fact a long time massive supporter of FIRST and that this is a legitimate initiative. This is a very cool opportunity for our alumni community!


How should we fill this out if we have multiple startups/companies?


Rich - I would say, feel free to submit an additional form if necessary. This might be best for data tidiness.


Double-vouching, here!

Just filled out for my own organization and sent along to the MidKnight alumni who fit this bill! Pass this along to your own teams and alumni orgs, all :slight_smile:


When will the form close?

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@JTN take a look at this


Hello -

In terms of a deadline- we are looking to close the form by EOD, May 12, 2023.

UPDATE: Hi All - Our staff members have been able to review all the submissions and are glad to inform everyone that submitted information that we will be sending out an email this week from [email protected], requesting additional information as we move forward with next steps. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the process.