Attention: The Awards Section

Hey guys I just wanted to let all of you know that when you go to print the Awards section of the manual which is 27 pages if i remember you must print page to page and not one lump sum the reason is b/c Pages 5 / 21 contains no print on it there fore the printer won’t print a blank page

So Basically in Section 8 Pages 5 & 21 leave out of printing and print the rest I’ll let you know if anything else should arrise

I got my manual all d/l ed and printed how about u guys

I printed out the whole manual before, each section in lump sum and everything worked fine for me.

same here mine was all in tact (and i printed 3 full manuals, minus sections 9-12). It could of been your printer or if you used an older pdf reader.

maybe but i’ll have to check my laser printer. ok don’t use HP laserjet IIp till i see what the issue is. i have acrobat 5 and 6 amongst 3 computers with 3 seperate printers :smiley: ill just try another printer thats all :wink: ill send out the warning in case anyone should happen to get the same issue

i have stuff on 5 and 21 and pg 21 is really important for animation becuase it is the submission form.