For all the teams who traveled to the VCU Regional:

Some of you may not know that there was a devastating fire last Friday in Richmond. This fire destroyed or damaged several buildings in and around the VCU Campus. This fire began and traveled from the area less than two blocks from the Siegal Center where the FIRST Regional competition was held. For more information and pictures of the fire please check out the Richmond Times-Dispatch web site. The slide show pictures are horrifying.

VCU has information and an address on their web site to send money and clothing to aid the victims of this fire.

From the VCU Site:

"Carver Community Relief Fund
In answer to inquiries from VCU faculty, staff and students and residents of the Greater Richmond area who want to help those adversely affected by the fire, the Carver Community Relief Fund has been established. Checks should be made out to the VCU Foundation with “Carver Community Relief Fund” as a notation. The mailing address is:
VCU Foundation
Carver Community Relief Fund
P.O. Box 843042
Richmond, VA 23284-3042

For those who would like to volunteer to help, or to donate material items such as food, clothing or household goods, please first call the VCU Office of Community Programs at 828-8850."

This time of year with nationals coming up, money is tight. But in the spirit of gracious professionalism the teams which participated in the VCU regional ( as well as any other teams) will hopefully be able to support this fund. Please post here if you have been able to help. Thanks.