What happened to the site… I used to use it when I was on my team… and it absolutely sucks now?!? Anyone know anything?

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Basically got replaced by The Blue Alliance’s GameDay. Same basically happened with Code Red Robotics’s Webcast Site.

Hi, Bender2013. Are there particular features or improvements that you’d like to see going into 2020? We’d really appreciate feedback from our users. I would be happy to pass along your comments to our Application Development team for future implementation.

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I’m a little curious on the layout choice. Navigation bar on the site is rather large. The old layout from a couple a seasons ago was way better! Just feels like the design wen’t four steps backwards… I dislike how I have to choose the event a team you are following, should auto select the current or most latest event in my opinion. Just very confusing to operate. too much clutter I’d say. Also why hasn’t the predictions worked? That was the best part of the site, and hasn’t worked in two years.

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Thank you for your feedback.

The layout choice was made by the students to allow for users to navigate the site better. The sidebar is collapseable so it is out of the way if you don’t need it. The same for the chat.

We are working on getting predictions back in the site, but our focus had been on getting the new version out. We are hoping to have it working again for champs if not this weekend.

When you select a team, it is supposed to select the event nearest to the current date. We will work on fixing that as well.

We have had a large turnover of students in the last year or two and are working on getting the new students up to speed. A lot of work has been put into getting fixes out faster as well, so we hope to make changes faster moving forward.

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