Attn: All New Englnad teams

Hello again,

Last year team 69 hosted a pre-regional min-meet (practice)\comp.

This year we would like it to be bigger and better.

Last year we had about 8 teams at our facilites for 1 day.

This year we would like to do the same but only better.

If any team is interested please email me @

My Team is located in Quincy MA, just 5 min south of boston. Last year we even hosted the bobcats from CT.

Anyone is welcom we just need to know how many teams are interested so we can plan.

Enjoy Kick off
and reply as soon as possible.

If you reply it does not mean that you have to come it just says that you have an interest.

Thank you

Chris Chernicki
Team HYPER 69
Quincy Public Schools and the Gillette company

Would there be a registration fee involved and if so how much??

Also when during the six weeks would it take place?? Week 5…6?

*Originally posted by CMC *
** Last year we even hosted the bobcats from CT.

What an adventure that was. Oh, a tip to any teams heading into boston… quincy is SOUTH of boston, not NORTH :slight_smile: Obviously our bus driver did not know this (yes it took us 5+ hours to get there when it should have taken 2.5) :slight_smile:


You know, Me being from a team that usually puts the robot into the crate with the paint (if any) still wet, I think it’s great you guys can pull this off. :slight_smile: